A Safe Art Event & Fundraiser for Human Trafficking Awareness



There’s a crime being committed internationally that affects 200,000 children annually on American soil. It’s more profitable than the drug trade, and most people are unaware it’s a current issue. According to the government’s Blue Campaign, human “traffickers use force, fraud, or coercion to lure their victims and force them into labor or commercial sexual exploitation. They look for people who are susceptible for a variety of reasons, including psychological or emotional vulnerability, economic hardship, lack of a social safety net, natural disasters, or political instability”. Unfortunately, human trafficking is the second largest, fastest growing underground industry in the world, and reaches every community in the United States.

Out of the Shadows is an organization of artists and activists aware of this epidemic, aiming to bring this hard-to-discuss topic to light in an enticing and inspiring way. There is a positive side of human trafficking to focus on: prevention and solutions. Human trafficking can be combated from several different angles, and it begins with a prevention strategy. Through pamphlets, posters, and campaigns directed towards people in low income demographics, many individual lives can avoid being lured into slavery.

With Sacramento’s recent surge of mural art bringing attention to the city, Out of the Shadows feels a large scale art event is just what the community needs to bring focus to neglected neighborhoods. The arts are proven to connect and inspire communities, while spreading positive and educational messages to the public. This event will combat slavery with a solution-themed mural, while exposing strong speakers, through mass media, to a vast online audience for years to come.

Solutions to this issue require lowering the demand for the crimes that enable them. Demanding fair-trade, or labeling items that aren’t, would give the public a chance to choose whether or not they want to support this crime. Legalizing prostitution (the oldest industry in the world) could allow consenting adults to make a healthy, legal transaction, instead of young children being coerced into the commercial sex industry to meet an overwhelming demand.

Most people who purchase sex and support slave labor are middle and upper class. They are often unaware of the source of these purchases. By creating a video based around an artistic awareness event, much can be explained in a positive and solution-based way. Featuring professional speakers on reform, victim assistance, and prevention promoted by high-profile artists and entertainers would help the words of activists within these circles resonate with those who need to hear it the most.

Fundraising efforts include fiscal donations, an awesome donor-fueled raffle, and an online/pop-up art show featuring over 30 international artists. A portion of all vendor sales will go towards the event, with 100% of fiscal donations, raffle ticket sales, and pop-up-art-show proceeds directed towards the mural party and subsequent educational video. Excess funds from this campaign will be designated towards an organization that focuses on transitional housing efforts- the largest issue for survivors, with complete financial transparency (Please contact us if that’s your organization! We don’t want to start our own yet!) One community can cause a positive shift for millions of people. In this case, victims of human trafficking- past, present, and future.

On October 5th, 2019 Out of the Shadows will be hosting an Art and Awareness Event at the Santa Fe Market located at 5840 Santa Fe Way in North Highlands, California, 95660. This party will feature professional artist groups painting a themed mural to uplift the North Highlands community. Alongside mural contestants, free workshops in the arts and self-defense will take place, with recognized live musicians and performers on the main stage. Speakers and information booths on solutions and prevention, from all angles of the issue will be present, with immediate assistance offered to victims. The walls of the building will be completely revived, leaving behind a lingering sense of pride to residents long after the event. With a professional video featuring the artists and performers alongside non-profits, victim services, legislation, and law enforcement speakers, the mesage from this day is sure to live on and resonate through entire networks. By projecting a message focused on the solutions to overcoming human slavery, the new mural will provide a lasting reminder of positive ways to thrive, Out of the Shadows.


Out of the Shadows exists to eradicate human trafficking by promoting awareness and direct solutions. Through creative outlets, social media, and collaboration with victim services, international artists host uplifting events for at-risk populations, bringing communities together and spreading wisdom to the fortunate people in outlying districts who can help implement social change.


Artists and activists across the globe will join forces for this exciting and educational art festival. Together we can reconnect communities, prevent future abuse, and safely help millions of people Out of the Shadows.

If you would like more information:

Jenn Ponci (530) 566-2583 info@outoftheshadows.community | Outoftheshadows.community

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